The 'subscription' site has an extensive menu system with "notes" which give basic background information about the menu entry as with Basil the Great below (graphic illustration only), and also for example the work and chapter reference from which an "on-site" text has been taken. The menu system gives access to links to a wealth of material on the first five centuries of church history including information about Christian writers, bishops, emperors, controversies and Church Councils. Around 1,000 people and topics are covered. The top horizontal menu (graphic illustration only below) gives access to the on-site texts arranged both by author and theme.  Links to all the site's texts and information links are then given, arranged by century. A vertical menu on the left of the screen has links to all the texts and resources available through the site listed in alphabetical order. See the "Navigating the site" link here for more information. Video guide here (for subscription site system).