This site has been conceived and prepared by The Revd Andrew Maguire, MA, BD.

I studied "Literae Humaniores" at Worcester College, Oxford from 1972-1976, and then Theology at The University of Manchester as part of my training to be a Methodist Minister. I am now retired, having served in East Anglia, South London, Bristol and North Herts. While a Superintendent Minister in Bristol, UK, from 1993 - 2004 I was also Associate Tutor for New Testament Greek at Wesley College, Bristol. I am the Free Churches' Representative on the Board of Governors for INFORM (a charity, based at King's College, London, which gives information about minority religions).


Exploring the writings of the Early Church Fathers has been an interest particularly since a sabbatical in 2003.  This site is offered as a resource for all those who wish to explore this fascinating period of Church History and to endeavour to read the texts in their original language.


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