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Texts published by Sources Chrétiennes (With Sources Chrétiennes volume number and date and Clavis Patrum number). See
Discours 1-3 (Orationes 1-3) SC 247, Bernardi, J., 1978; CPG 3010
Discours 20-23 (Orationes 20-23) SC 270, Mossay, J., 1980; CPG 3010
Discours 24-26 (Orationes 24-26) SC 284, Mossay J., 1981; CPG 3010
Discours 27-31 (Orationes 27-31) SC 250, Gallay, P., 1978; CPG 3010
Discours 32-37 (Orationes 32-37) SC 318, Gallay, P., 19805; CPG 3010
Discours 38-41 (Orationes 38-41) SC 358, Moreschini P., Gallay, P., 1990; CPG 3010
Discours 4-5 (Orationes 4-5) SC 309, Bernardi, J., 1983; CPG 3010 (Contre Julien)
Discours 42-43 (Orationes 42-43) SC 384, Bernardi, J., 1992; CPG 3010
Discours 6-12 (Orationes 6-12) SC 405, Calvet, M.-A., 1995; CPG 3010
Lettres théologiques (101, 102, 202) (Epistulae theologicae (CI, CII, CCII)) SC 208, Gallay, P., 1974; CPG 3032
Passion du Christ (La) (Christus patiens) SC 149, Tuilier, A., 1969; CPG 3059 (among dubia)
Texts (critical editions etc.) published in the Corpus Christianorum series (See the catalogue at CN = Corpus Nazianzenum.
Schmidt, T.S. (ed.), In Gregorii Nazianzeni orationem XXXVIII commentarii (Basilius Minimus), 2001, CCSG 46 (CN 13)
Grand'Henry, J. (ed.), Opera: versio Arabica antiqua I. Oratio XXI (Arab. 20) (Gregorius Nazianzenus), 1996, CCSG 34 (CN 4)
Grand'Henry J. (ed.), Opera: versio Arabica antiqua IV. Orationes X1, XLI (Arab. 8, 12) (Gregorius Nazianzenus), 2014, CCSG 85 (CN 27)
Grand'Henry J. (ed.), Opera: versio Arabica antiqua III: Oratio XL (Arab. 4) (Gregorius Nazianzenus) 2006 CCSG 57 (CN 19)
Tuerlinckx A. (ed.), Opera: versio Arabica antiqua II: Orationes I, XLV, XLIV (Arab. 9, 10, 11) (Gregorius Nazianzenus) 2001 CCSG 43 (CN 10)
Coulie B. (ed.), Opera: versio Armeniaca I: Orationes II, XII, IX (Gregorius Nazianzenus) 1994 CCSG 28 (CN 3)

Coulie B., Sirinian A. (eds.), Opera: versio Armeniaca III: Orationes XXI, VII, VIII (Gregorius Nazianzenus) 1999 CCSG 38 (CN 7)

Sirinian, Opera: versio Armeniaca (Gregorius Nazianzenus) 1999 CCSG 37 (CN 6)
Sanspeur, Opera: versio Armeniaca (Gregorius Nazianzenus) 2007 CCSG 61 (CN 21)
Mossay, Opera: versio Graeca (Gregorius Nazianzenus) 2007 CCSG 64 (CN 22)
Coulie, Opera: versio Iberica (Gregorius Nazianzenus) 2014 CCSG 78 (CN 26)
Metreveli, et al. Opera: versio Iberica (Gregorius Nazianzenus) 2000 CCSG 42 (CN 9)
Metreveli, et al. Opera: versio Iberica (Gregorius Nazianzenus) 1998 CCSG 36 (CN 5)
Coulie, Opera: versio Iberica (Gregorius Nazianzenus) 2007 CCSG 58 (CN 20)
Coulie et al., Opera : versio Iberica (Gregorius Nazianzenus) 2004 CCSG 52 (CN 17)
Metreveli et al., Opera: versio Iberica (Gregorius Nazianzenus) 2001 CCSG 45 (CN 12)
Schmidt, Opera: versio Syriaca (Gregorius Nazianzenus) 2002 CCSG 47 (CN 15)
Haelewyck, Opera: versio Syriaca (Gregorius Nazianzenus) 2001 CCSG 49 (CN 14)
Haelewyck, Opera: versio Syriaca (Gregorius Nazianzenus) 2005 CCSG 53 (CN 18)
Haelewyck, Opera: versio Syriaca (Gregorius Nazianzenus) 2008 CCSG 65 (CN 23)
Haelewyck, Opera: versio Syriaca (Gregorius Nazianzenus) 2011 CCSG 77 (CN 25)
Nimmo Smith et al., Pseudo-Nonniani in IV orationes Gregorii Nazianzeni commentarii (Nonnus (Ps.)) 1993 CCSG 27 (CN 2)
Otkhmezuri, Pseudo-Nonniani in IV orationes Gregorii Nazianzeni commentarii. Versio Iberica (Nonnus (Ps.)) 2002 CCSG 50 (CN 16)
Coulie, Studia Nazianzenica (Gregorius Nazianzenus) 2000 CCSG 41 (CN 8)
Schmidt, Studia Nazianzenica II (Gregorius Nazianzenus) 2011 CCSG 73 (CN 24)
Mossay, Thesaurus Gregorii Nazianzeni (Gregorius Nazianzenus) 1990 CCTPG
Mossay, et al. Thesaurus Gregorii Nazianzeni (Gregorius Nazianzenus) 1991 CCTPG
Coulie et al., Thesaurus Pseudo-Nonni. Commentarii in IV orationes Gregorii Nazianzeni (Nonnus (Ps.)) 2000 CCTPG
Coulie, Versiones orientales, repertorium Ibericum et studia ad editiones curandas (Gregorius Nazianzenus) 1988 CCSG 20 (CN 1)
English Translations (some with Greek text, where indicated)
Daley, Brian (2006), Gregory of Nazianzus (The Early Church Fathers) - Translations of Orations 8, 14, 20, 26, 38, 39, 42, 44; A number of poems; Letters 11, 20, 30, 31, 48, 51, 58, 76, 80, 90, 178.
Dunkle B. (S.J.) (2013), Poems on Scripture (St. Vladimir's Seminary Press "Popular Patristics" Series)
Gilbert, Peter (2001), On God and Man: The Theological Poetry of st Gregory of Nazianzus (St. Vladimir's Seminary Press "Popular Patristics" Series.)  Several theological poems are translated
Harrison, Nonna Verna (2008), Festal Orations (St. Vladimir's Seminary Press "Popular Patristics" Series.)
McCauley, Leo P. et al. (1953), Funeral Orations by Saint Gregory Nazianzen and Saint Ambrose. (Fathers of the Church a New Translation Volume 22) Includes: His brother Caesarius, Basil the Great, His sister St Gorgonia, His Father.
McGuckin, J.A. (1986/9), St Gregory Nazianzen Selected Poems (Fairacres Publication)
Meehan, D. (1987), St Gregory of Nazianzus: Three Poems (Fathers of the Church (Paperback)) Concerning His Own Affairs, Concerning Himself and the Bishops, Concerning His Own Life
Norris, F.W. , Williams, F, and Wickham, L. (1991), Faith Gives Fullness to Reasoning: The Five Theological Orations of Gregory Nazianzen (Supplements to Vigiliae Christianae)
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Sykes. D.A. (1997), St Gregory of Nazianzus: Poemata Arcana (Oxford Theological Monographs)  On First Principles, On the Son, On the Spirit, On the Universe, On Providence, On Rational Natures, On the Soul, On the Testaments and the Coming of Christ. (Greek text edited with a textual introduction by C. Moreschini; Introduction, translation, and commentary by D. A. Sykes; English translation of textual introduction by Leofranc Holford-Strevens)
Vinson, Martha, (2003), St. Gregory of Nazianzus: Select Orations (Fathers of the Church) Orations: 6, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 17, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 32, 35, 36, 44
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