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The site menu system may not work correctly on earlier versions of Android phones and tablets. The menus seem to work fine on more recent versions.
Also there seems to be an issue with the display of classical Greek fonts on Android devices. See here.


If the site does not seem to be working as it should then it is most likely because your system is blocking "javascript" in some way. You may need (1) to ensure your browser is allowing javascript operations - probably best done by adding this site to the "trusted zone" and setting security low for just that zone; (2) with Internet Explorer 7 making sure that pop-ups are not blocked - In Internet Explorer 7, Go to Tools near top right, Pop-up blocker, Pop-up blocker settings, Add under "Address of website to allow",, Click Add, Then Close - number 2 applies particularly to the window closing and exit facility of the website; (3) checking to see if your anti-virus or firewall software is blocking javascript operations. Again it may be possible to add this site a to a trusted zone in the software and to have security settings lower there and particularly allowing javascript operations in that zone. You may need to reboot before changes take effect.


In Safari the initial print settings make the subscription based text pages print out rather small. This can be rectified by pressing the "Alt" key to display menu items at the top. Go to File and then Page Setup or Print Preview. Page size and margin settings can be changed here. On the Print Preview page click on the "cog wheel" icon to change the page size and margin settings.


In Chrome the "Spanner" icon does not come up in subwindows, so, for example, there is no readily availability print option. You can Right click in the very top title bar of the browser subwindows to see options including "print" - or press "Ctrl P" to get the print menu.


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If you find that subwindows close unexpectedly it is most likely because you moved the mouse pointer over the menus at the top or the left hand side of the screen. The site does this intentionally so that menus are not obscured by any window that is open.  So, if you are reading something in a subwindow, then be careful not to move the mouse pointer over one of the menus!


For any issues relating to the menu system see the "Menu system" link.


A couple of minor things to be worked on are:-

1. The "Close Open Windows and Exit" command works fine with IE but not with Firefox. (The main window is left open - so sorry you will have to close that yourself for the moment!)

2. With Firefox some of the links that are intended to open in a new full size "window" are opened in a new "tab" which may be too small to be user friendly. I'll look into this.  But you can set preferences in Firefox to open a new window rather than a new tab. That should help.

Tools / Options / Tabs - New pages should be opened in "a New Window".