Menu system

The menus are created through software available from The support team at Milonic have given excellent help in developing the system.

Because of the amount of information to which it gives access the system is a fairly complex one, drawing information for each menu from the site's database. For this reason there may sometimes be a slight delay before menus appear on the screen.

The system should now be fairly stable. Please report any problems to the webmaster through the email link on the site homepage.

If there are issues about menu entries disappearing when a "blue tooltip" appears then move the cursor away from the entry and back again.

One known issue is that "tooltips" do not appear a second time if the cursor is moved onwards to a related menu entry and then back onto the previous menu entry from which the "tooltip" should appear.


(Applicable both to public and subscription version of the site, though the menu system on the subscription version is far more extensive.)