If the site does not seem to be working as it should then it is most likely because your system is blocking "javascript" in some way.  You may need

(1) to ensure your browser is allowing javascript operations - probably best done by adding this site to the "trusted zone" and setting security low for just that zone;

(2) with Internet Explorer 7 making sure that pop-ups are not blocked - In Internet Explorer 7, Go to Tools near top right, Pop-up blocker, Pop-up blocker settings, Add under "Address of website to allow", www.earlychurchtexts.com, Click Add, Then Close - number 2 applies particularly to the window closing and exit facility of the website;

(3) checking to see if your anti-virus or firewall software is blocking javascript operations. Again it may be possible to add this site a to a trusted zone in the software and to have security settings lower there and particularly allowing javascript operations in that zone.  You may need to reboot before changes take effect.